Adopting an Older Cat – A Wise Decision

By | September 9, 2014

Adopting an Older Cat

Shelter homes are flooded with older cats that have no takers. The new kitten season would be another reason for unnecessary euthanizing of elderly felines or those who have stepped into adulthood. It is a sad story about cats in America where there is a flood of pets. As there is, an overwhelming number of kittens born every year, a big chunk of them ends up in rescue shelters. They are left for the mercy of adoption. If not taken then they are left to be the tragic end of being euthanized.

People prefer kittens over adult cats because they are more playful, cute and childlike. There is no denial that kittens can be the cutest furry bundles in your home and may add up to your décor but adult cats have their own merits. They are far more placid than the younger kitties and thus are perfectly suitable for people with a calm and relaxed mind set. They are finest nap friends for the souls with a ‘do not disturb’ nature.

Why choose an adult cat over young kittens?

Trained felines: Most of the time, adult cats end up in shelter homes, as their owners do not have time and resources for them. So, most of the times adult cats are already house trained suggesting that they will not need obedience training.

No mess pets: Adult felines have a natural maturity giving them a sense of the use of litter box, scratching posts and toys. They would not create any mess in the house. A mess free behavior cannot be expected out of younger cute kittens.

Best for the busy ones: Adult cats are calm and prefer to spend time alone. They are ideal companions for people who lead a busy life with hectic work schedules. The cat can be left at home without the need of a caretaker.

Low maintenance: It is normally found that adult cats are generally vaccinated either by the previous owner or by the rescue shelters. You would not be burdened with the extra expenses to incur on vaccinations.

Personality: Unlike the restless kittens, elderly cats are quieter, composed and disciplined. They have an already developed personality, which can be gauged from their behavior in the shelter homes. You can choose the cat that suits your household, time schedule and nature.

Best buddy for elder members: If you have elder people at home then adult cats prove to be fine companions to them. They are more relaxed and sit quietly in lap giving company without making any mess or noises. They are dependable pets who would not make elder people feel lonely.

Apart from all these merits, adult cats may demand a little bit of patience if they have faced any tragedies due to the previous owner. You can get details about her attitude from the rescue shelter. Also, visit the shelter home a couple of times before adoption to check her behavior. If everything is suitable to you then go for an adult cat, as you will have a grateful pet whose life has been saved by your kind gesture. Isn’t it?

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