Are You An Animal Lover? Check Out Some Hot Jobs for You

By | October 21, 2014

Hot Jobs for Pet Lovers

Are you an animal lover who dotes at the sight of animals? Do furry creatures attract you like nothing else? Do you want to spend more time of your life understanding the tacit communication of cats, dogs and other animals? Do you care about animals? Well, then the best idea is to find a job that deals with taking care of animals. This way, you will be doing what you love and hence it would be an effortless job. Working with and for animals can be a super satisfying experience for animal lovers.

Best job options for animal lovers are:

Veterinary Doctor: An animal doctor serves all kinds of animals. He/She needs an attitude to serve. In addition, you also need patience to deal with mute pets. Moreover, an aptitude to study every nook and corner of the animal’s health is the basic requirement. One needs to complete four years of the undergraduate program followed by an internship to become of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). If you have the time and money for it then being DVM will make you love your job and be contented.

Veterinary technician: Also called as Veterinary Assistants, this post lies next in hierarchy after animal doctor. They need to handle the patient until he reaches the doctor. Starting from attending to an injured animal, checking up the severity of the wounds, basic first aid, maintaining patient chart, billing, customer support to reminding the next appointments are all the factors that fall under the job profile of a veterinary assistant. You need to complete a two to a four-year program for this.

Animal trainer: Behavior training is a must to make your pet not just lovely but well-behaved as well. The job of training an animal is challenging, as you have to mold his behavior for a long-term basis. If you think you understand the nooks and corners of a dog’s mind then you are fit for this job. You will need a lot of patience and perseverance to excel in this field. You can start as an apprentice to some professional dog trainer in your area.

Pet groomer: To become a pet groomer you should have the creative instinct to turn a dirty dog into the cutest looking furry baby ever. You should not only love animals but also have a knack of beautifying them. For this, you need to assist an experienced professional and learn all the techniques. Mastering this craft will make you famous instantly. You would enjoy a cool job like this.

Animal shelter worker: This can be done as a full time as well as a part-time job. As an animal shelter worker, you need to keep the animals clean as well as feed them. In addition, cleaning their cages, scrubbing their living area as well as playing or walking the dogs is a part of your job profile. If you opt for this then you would be satisfied at the end of the day. There is nothing more satisfying than taking care of abandoned, homeless, abused animals. Isn’t it?

Animal cruelty investigator: If you have an urge to stop misbehavior towards animals then you will fit in the shoes of an animal cruelty investigator. Your role demands convicting people who violate the laws of animal welfare. You need to find out animals that are abused and transfer them to animal shelters. A part of your job involves educating people about animal welfare. A strict temperament and a strong feeling against animal cruelty will make you justify this job.

If you cannot work full time then you can devote a part of your time for animals by becoming animal caretakers, online vet service providers, animal shelter volunteers, dog handlers, pet adoption counselors, animal nutritionists, animal acupuncturist, pet supplies shop owner, etc. The best thing is any one of these jobs will give you tons of satisfaction and a feeling of being useful. So, if you have that fire of an animal lover, choose a job in any of these departments and you will enjoy a good night’s sleep without an iota of doubt. What say?