Find the Right Shampoo for Your Dog

By | March 6, 2023

Dog coats are of many different kinds; wavy, curly, short, long, double, dense, wooly, wired, or silky coats, and not all the coats need the same treatment. Choosing a dog shampoo from the available vast variety depends on your pet’s needs and coat condition. With so many products in the market, it gets difficult to choose one. So keep reading to know about what kind of shampoo should you buy that is perfect for your pooch!  

How to Choose the Right Shampoo for Your Dog?

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing the Right Dog Shampoo :


  • Look for shampoos with natural ingredients
  • Choose hydrating options, rather than the ones that contain soap that dry out their skin
  • Always read the pack information thoroughly to know if your dog is allergic to any ingredient


  • Never use human-grade shampoos on your canine as they don’t have the right pH balance and can cause skin irritation
  • Avoid shampoos that contain parabens, artificial dyes, or sulfates

Consider the Following Factors while Choosing a Shampoo :

  1. Skin Condition

If your dog has skin conditions like itchy, flaky skin, or irritated skin, then it is important to choose a shampoo that suits their skin. In such conditions and for dogs with sensitive skin you can choose moisturizing shampoos that are specially designed for them.

2. Fleas and Ticks

There are various shampoos designed to keep fleas and ticks away from your pooch. These can be used as preventive to avoid infestations. However, the effects of these shampoos only last temporarily and should be coupled with other flea and tick treatments.

3. Odor

Dogs have a way to get smelly. For such particularly smelly dogs, naturally scented shampoos are the best option. You can also make sure that the fragrance is not too much for your dog and that both of you enjoy it. Choose a shampoo with a scent that is pleasant, and not overwhelming.

4. Color

There are shampoos designed especially for dogs with different colored coats. Your snowy white pooch cannot handle the shampoo made for dark coats and vice versa. So opting for a shampoo that meets the needs of your pooch’s coat color will prevent the yellowing of their fur while boosting their natural colors.

5. Luster

One of the important things to consider when choosing a shampoo for your canine is the length and type of coat they have. Long-coated and short-coated dogs will require different shampoos that are specially designed to meet their needs.

6. Age

Puppies and adult dogs have different needs when it comes to shampooing, so considering their age will be a smart choice. Puppy shampoos are generally gentler, with a no-tear formula that won’t irritate their eyes.

7. Climate

The area you live in also makes a great difference when looking for shampoos. If you live in a hot climate, you might want to choose a light, cooling shampoo, and if you live in cold weather, a thick, creamy shampoo would work well. It will save your dog’s coat from becoming too dry.

8. Allergies

You might need to choose a particular shampoo if your dog has allergies. Anti-allergy shampoos contain natural soothing agents like chamomile, oatmeal, and aloe vera which help in relieving itchiness, redness, and irritation of the skin. These shampoos are often milder than other shampoos. Hence they are ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

Where can you find good shampoos?

BestVetCare has some good brand shampoos which you can look at. The Frontline Pet Care Dark Coat Shampoo or Frontline Pet Care White Coat Shampoo is made especially for dogs with dark or white coats. These shampoos gently remove dirt and debris from your pets’ coats and retain their natural colors. It keeps the white coat shiny without letting it turn yellow. Another shampoo- Frontline Pet Care Puppy Shampoo is designed especially for pups for gentle, no-tears cleaning and also helps in moisturizing and soothing the skin and coat.

Conclusion :

Keeping these tips in mind, you can choose the ideal dog shampoo for your floor. Now that you’re more informed about the different shampoos that can cater to your dog’s needs and coat conditions, you can choose a well-suited shampoo for them. If you are still confused about what suits your pet the best, you can consult your veterinarian for the best recommendations.  Happy Washing!