National Pet Day- A Day To Spoil Your Pets

By | April 3, 2018

Pet day

National Pet Day is here! It’s time to show your pet some extra love and spoil them endlessly. National Pet Day was founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige. She dedicated this day to celebrate the happiness and joy pet brings to our lives on a daily basis. National Pet Day isn’t just celebrating the pets at home, but dogs and cats everywhere. This day was also founded to create public awareness about all the different animals awaiting a forever home in shelters around the world. Let’s have a look at some of the ways that would help you make your pet feel special.

  • Make Some Yummy, Homemade Treats

Just like you, your pet deserves some homemade treats every once in a while. There are countless options for homemade pet treats. Some of the most common homemade treats are pet cookies, dog biscuits and dog bones. They sound like normal treats, but once you add in different delicious flavors, your furry friend will love you forever and keep begging for more!

  • Have a Photo Shoot

It’s great to have photos of your pet all around your home. MoreoverPlus, as your pet grows older, these pictures will mean the world to you as you recall every wonderful passing year with your best four-legged friend. The more photos you have the better, so call up a friend or hire a photographer. Take lots of pictures and share them over your Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, or proudly display your pet portraits around the house.

  • Go on an Outdoor Adventure

Take more active pets on a rugged hike or choose a trail that leads to a lake for a swim time. You can also find dog-friendly hiking areas. Older or less active pets will find a trip to the park fun or take an extra long stroll around the neighborhood with the whole family. You can also take your pet on a farm and spend time running around and playing with your awesome farm animals.

  • Donate Money or Supplies to an Animal Shelter or Rescue

County animal shelters and non-profit rescues are mostly in need of all kinds of animal necessities. Donate things like food, treats, blankets, toys, training pee pads or contribute funding in your pet’s name. This is a great way to celebrate National Pet Day.

So, take your pet out to a park, bring home some new toys or just cuddle up and watch a movie together. Whatever you choose, either way, show them extra love on this special day. Happy National Pet Day!