Happiness Is Having A Pet – Pet Story

By | February 15, 2021
Pet Story

My love for pets started back during my final year at school. Steve, my school friend, and I used to sit out in the school garden for our lunch during our break where a puppy would come each day and sit next to us. We would share our food with the little dog and finish our lunch quickly so that we could play with him. He used to run after us, cuddle with us, and there was so much love. Sadly, I had to leave the school after graduation and as a result, the puppy too was left behind. It took months for me to get over the affection the cute little boy left over me.

All these years have gone by. I completed my college degree, found a decent job, got married, and had a baby girl. By the grace of God, life gave me everything that one could seek. Though deep in my mind, I had a feeling of missing something but did not realize that until I met ‘Cookie’.

Molly, my wife, and I went for shopping one day. We were at the basement parking of the shopping mall and were about to drive ourselves home. The car engines were just warmed up, I saw a black and white Rat Terrier puppy run through the drive-way towards our car. He looked exhausted and tired. I took him inside and made him sit on the car seat. Molly fed him with a bit of the snack and water. While he was relaxing in the car, I went up the building to different shops to see if the puppy belonged to anyone and may have lost him in the crowd only to find out there was no one that claimed him. We brought him home leaving our contact information to the ‘lost and found’ department of the shopping mall, in case, someone had lost him just like we had found him.

Initially, he was anxious for a couple of days but Portia, my daughter made friends with him soon and named him after her most favorite thing in the world the ‘Cookies’. Gradually, he learned about the family and became one of us. I still remember how he whimpered through his first night at our home while sleeping next to Portia on her bed. She kept putting her hand on the puppy to remind him that she was still there. I was overwhelmed to observe this, and it reminded me of my good old school days when I spent time with a puppy.

We figured out a few things about him, and we were settled. Every day he comes for a morning walk with me out in the park. He likes to sit down next to the tub when Portia takes her bath. About two months into our life now, I miss him when I travel for work and cannot wait long to get home to be able to see him. We now could not imagine our lives without Cookie. He is adorable, funny, energetic, lively, and incapable of being boring. I am more than convinced that my life has changed for the better with Cookie and happy to introduce myself as a proud pet-papa to my friends and I love it like crazy!

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